Basic Info
Type Urban Area
Region Iron Shield
Level Requirement 40+

Level 40 players can enter Andrakasch through The Misty Ridge by completing the quest The Hoisting Contraption.

Level 41 players can enter The Gleaming Mountains.

Access the Storm the Fortress Arena by entering Caverns of the Eternal Storm.

Level 45 players can enter Stillwater Bay.


  • Alchemist: Severosh
  • Crafting Master: Galixa
  • Armorer: Agelox
  • Artifact Merchant: Rabosha
  • Traveling Merchant: Hubosh Field ration Myrdoscher dwarf brew Dumplings with sauce
  • Tamer: Grizmek 
  • Essence Merchant: Haruxa
  • Jeweler: Gabash
  • Kobold: Levander
  • Priest of Frygon: Fardosh Firesight Holy glow stick Frygon's fire blessing
  • Weaponsmith: Wilexa
  • Workbench

Other NPCsEdit

  • Master of Battle: Barim Bloodbaum (6v6)
  • Quest Keeper: Agrasha Carpenter
  • Quest Keeper: Captain Cracklewood
  • Quest Keeper: Leodosh Screw-Whisperer
  • Quest Keeper: Rakoros Munterium
  • Realm Mage: Thabo
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