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"This weapon was no mere coincidence. I created it myself ... no we did it together!"


In the final phases of his journeyman years, the friendly young blacksmith with his golden hair and wavy locks was working as a farrier in a small village, when word came to him that that war had broken out in the Eastern provinces and a blacksmith was desperately needed.

Without hesitation, Alan packed his bag and set out for the capital city of Kingshill. Passing through Grimford on his way to the capital city, the talented artisan learned of the Winston Clan for the first time. Astounded by the stories of the family with a longstanding tradition of producing the finest smith goods,

Alan decided to stop his journey and build his own smithy in the city in hopes that he might learn from the best and see for himself if the rumors were true. Fortune favored the brave when a young and fair spellweaver pitched her tent at the gateway to the village. Since they were both strangers here, they quickly became friends. Clara aided Alan with her talents in forging magical objects for the heroes of tomorrow.