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Achievements are optional tasks that can be solved for Achievement Points and titles. Achievements are subdivided into different categories (general, story, etc.), and can be found in the "Tasks" window (default: Q), between Compendium and Daily Challenges.


  • General - All general achievements, including achievements for killing bosses and collecting achievement points.

General Achievements 1 General Achievements 2 General Achievements 3 General Achievements 4 General Achievements 5 General Achievements 6 General Achievements 7

  • Story - Includes the achievements for visiting different towns and doing important story quests.

Story Achievements 1Story Achievements 2Story Achievements 3Story Achievements 4Story Achievements 5Story Achievements 6 Story Achievements 7

  • Groups and Guilds - All about friends, guilds and groups. Right now the only achievements in this category are related to guild size.

Groups and Guilds Achievements

  • Character Classes - Achievements for reaching a level with a class.

Character Classes Achievements 1Character Classes Achievements 2Character Classes Achievements 3Character Classes Achievements 4

  • Battle - Includes achievements for winning Arena battles and defeating a number of players.

Battle Achievements 1Battle Achievements 2Battle Achievements 3

  • Heroic Deeds - Special achievements for players who already seen it all - includes achievements like equipping a set of items and killing a number of champion monsters.

Heroic Deeds Achievements 1Heroic Deeds Achievements 2 Heroic Deeds Achievements 3Heroic Deeds Achievements 4Heroic Deeds Achievements 5Heroic Deeds Achievements 6Heroic Deeds Achievements 7

  • Workshop - All achievements related to crafting gems and items.

Workshop Achievements 1Workshop Achievements 2

  • Events - All Event-related achievements.

Events Achievements 1Events Achievements 2Events Achievements 3Events Achievements 4Events Achievements 5Events Achievements 6 Events Achievements 7Events Achievements 8 Ghost Festival AchGhost Festival T Ach

  • Mounts - Achievements for collecting mounts.

Mounts Achievements 1

  • Companions - Achievements for collecting companions.

Companions Achievements 1

  • Parallel World - Achievements for killing a number of mini-bosses in the Parallel World, or clearing a map in set amount of time.

Parallel World Achievements 0 Parallel World Achievements 1Parallel World Achievements 2Parallel World Achievements 3Parallel World Achievements 4Parallel World Achievements 5Parallel World Achievements 6Parallel World Achievements 7Parallel World Achievements 8Parallel World Achievements 9Parallel World Achievements 10Parallel World Achievements 11Parallel World Achievements 12Parallel World Achievements 13Parallel World Achievements 14Parallel World Achievements 15Parallel World Achievements 16 Parallel World Achievements 17

Last Updated: 2nd of July, 2016