Drakensang Online Wikia was created in August of 2011. However, it was not until Feburary of 2012 that the Wikia began be filled with content. Since then a team of dedicated volunteers have been contributing articles to the wiki.

On December 13, 2012, the founding administator returned to discover that a small community had been updating the wiki. He was inspired by the work of the contributors and decided to begin overhaulling the entire project.  


This Wiki is run by volunteers and no information on the site is validated by any official source. Information is mainly collected from experience in the game and from the forums. Users viewing the site are all encouraged to Edit any information to correct for any updates or incorrect information.

No attempts are made to hide spoilers for quests, events, items, etc.

Drakensang Online is a copyright of Bigpoint  2011 to 2020 and is in no way affiliated with this wiki. 

If you experience any issues with the game or are interested in official information, please visit the English forums or your favored language forum. 

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