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Hello and welcome to the guide to Lor'Tac - the almost forgotten continent in the south of Dracania. Unknown terrain and new species are said to live there. Legend has it that a powerful artefact (World's Hearth) is hidden in the thick jungle of Lor’Tac.

Map small

Map of Lor'Tac – the new region of Dracania.

Fauna and Flora[]

Kaylin exploring thumb

Flora of Lor'Tac

Guardian of life thumb

Guardian of Life – it is the most known one of all Guardians and actually still existing.

Guardians variations fire only-small

Guardian of Fire - this Guardian’s element is fire and flame.

Hub Overall mood 002 thumb

Tribes of Lor'Tac - Lor’Tac used to be inhabited – many sources state that. To me though this drawing clearly shows evidence for – at least primitive – signs of life.


Orbax – “those fat and venomous frogs”… They have indeed that distinctive likeness to them – albeit way more dangerous! And once you finish with one… do not forget to kill it again!​

Scorpion without kaylin small

A name for these arthropods isn't known, but I would classify them as scorpions. Despicable creatures!


Chimera-interesting and dangerous creature

Corrupted magician thumb

Nefertari – very little is known about this creation.

Guardians variations ice solo-small

The Guardian of Ice – look at those sharp swords!


Tol'tac wariors-These humanoids are wariors of the deadliest tribe in Lor'tac.

Tol tac evil tribe-shaman-copy-small-jpg

Tol'Tac Shaman


Fleshwalkers- Deadly mumies of Tol'Tac wariors


Birthing andermagic monster- This monster is very hostile. Someone call them "chaos spawners"....

Boss1 small-jpg

Balor-This is not simply “a” dragon. No, this is most certainly the root of all evil.

Areas of Lor'tac[]

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There will be 13 new maps!

Tranquil Shore[]

The shores of Lor'Tac have been described as tranquil, well, they are, maybe a little too quiet. The waters here are crystal clear and turquoise, you could look at them forever.

Bay of Tranquil Waters2 copy

Stillwater Bay[]

The waters of Stillwater Bay are quiet, but trust me – the further you go away from the shore, the more spells you will need.

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Frog River Delta[]

You would think that this is night time in Lor'Tac, but actually this picture is only made in thicker woods of the Frog River Delta.

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Fjarnir's Cradle of Frost[]

Deep in the heart of Lor'Tac await the old walls of Fjalnir, the cradle of frost..........

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Oceano’s Opal Shrine[]


Fyrgon’s Path of Fire


Agathon’s Alliance Hall[]




More information about the areas of Lor'Tac will be revealed soon.


Q: Will I be able to explore Lor'Tac? When?

A: Lor'Tac won't be as forgotten as it is right now. The King and the dwarves are already building new ships that will be able to travel to Lor'Tac. Those ships will be done in end of July (R155) or later ...

Q: Will I be able to learn new skills in Lor'Tac?

A: Yes, you will be able to learn new spells, war tactics and more from the tribes of Lor'Tac.

Q:Will there be any main boss as for example Mortis ?

A:Yes,for sure.Maybe there will be more then one .......

Q:How many new quests will be there ?

A: Around 150

More questions will be added soon.....